My Classroom Mini-Tour

We’re well into the school year, but I figured I’d post some pictures of my classroom. These were taken at the beginning of the year so the room looked a bit emptier than it is now.And of course I’ve made a few changes. But here it is!

Here you see my small group area. That huge bulky table was not ideal there (and don’t mind the ugly mustard chair)! Thankfully another teacher gave me the cutest banana table (not shown)!! I love it, and it fits perfectly!!
The red and blue cabinet holds my Math center manipulatives, and on the window there’s a cute birthday banner I got for free on Teachers Pay Teachers!


This was my beginning of the year bulletin board. Super classic. Totally stole it off Pinterest 😁


Here is our carpet area where we do our Math meeting and basically all other lesson introductions. I am SO glad that I’ve moved the carpet back aaand that my new smaller table gives us more space than this one did. (I’m glad I no longer have the kids right under my feet too!) I love that each child gets his/her own assigned square. That makes things soooo much easier!
On the left are the hooks my kids hang their backpacks on.


Here is my counter and cabinet area. I am beyond thankful for all the storage space, and the size of my room in general! I totally upgraded! Last year, it seemed like my room was 1/3 of the size of this one.
I’m using my cabinets as a word wall, and have repositionable sticky notes on there. The kids can take a word to their seats when they are writing, and then stick them back on the correct letter when they are done.
I have a paint chip border on my bulletin board, which I absolutely love! I saw the idea online, and really wanted to do it. But I kind of felt like a criminal taking so many paint chips from Home Depot, and even though I felt like I took a lot, I didn’t have enough. So I only did the top and bottom borders.


Here is my library. I am SOOO happy with it! I legitimately used a few cardboard boxes in my library last year. The whole thing was a disaster! What a huge improvement!  I got all the containers from my team leader! She was so kind to give them to me!!


Here’s my desk area, mailboxes, and book boxes for Daily 5.


And lastly, here’s my clip chart, bathrooms, writing center, and computer area (pre-computers).
The red bins have supplies the kids could need. It’s easily accessible to them so they can access extra glue sticks, crayons, etc., as needed.


I just realized I don’t have a picture of the whole room! If I find one I’ll post it. Happy Saturday! 🙂



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