Paint a Rock for Your Garden!


My new cute garden rock!

Hello everyone!

We have this little dirt plot outside our kitchen window, by our front entryway. I call it a dirt plot because it is basically dirt. As I mentioned in my last post, gardening is not a gift of mine! But I do want to make our entryway look nice…so I’m working on it.

A friend of ours gave us a little decorative stone that had a Bible verse somehow stuck onto it. It seemed like it was paper with a clear coat over it to protect it from the elements. It was nice, but pretty plain. The verse was written in black font that was very tiny, so it wasn’t super exciting. (Sorry I didn’t take any before pictures!)

One day I noticed that parts of the verse were starting to peel off. I then got all excited about doing something new with our little stone! Painting it sounded fun!

I went onto good ol’ trusty Pinterest, and looked up “Christ the rock.” I found all sorts of cute word art that I could use as inspiration.

I finally found one I liked, and set out to paint my rock!

Here is what I did:

  1. I brought the rock in and scraped all the paper, dirt, and other gunk off of it. I used a brush and scrubbed it so it would be nice and clean for me to paint on.
  2. As it was drying, I gathered my painting supplies. Here’s what I used:
    • A bottle of 88 cent acrylic paint from Walmart
    • A thin paint brush
    • Newspaper
    • a Q-tip (which didn’t work too well for me)

3. Using the ideas I found from the word art, I attempted to re-create the cute fonts and writing styles.

And there you have it! I first started out using the Q-tip, which is what I wrote the word “Christ” with. You can see in the photo that it came out super thick. I didn’t really like that, so I did the rest of it using my thin paintbrush. I’m sure Q-tips would be great if you were doing a design instead of words.

So there’s a simple, cheap, close-to-free project you can do to add a little cuteness to your garden or entryway. It would be pretty awesome to have a bunch of rocks…how cool would it be to make a whole set? You could do one word on each rock, or a bunch of related pictures/designs. That would be so fun! And this is definitely something your kids can help you with!


My Attempt at Growing Sweet Potatoes…You Can Try Too!

I LOVE sweet potatoes. So much. Like I would be perfectly okay with trading out sweet potatoes out for regular potatoes in everything…

Sweet potato fries, chips, baked, mashed, scalloped…even sweet potato hash browns! Which I don’t know if they exist, but I want them!

Anyhow, I heard it’s pretty easy to grow sweet potatoes. So I did some research,  and I found that:

  1. You have to start with an organic sweet potato. Apparently if it’s not organic, they treat it with a chemical that keeps sprouts from growing!
  2. You cut the sweet potato in half.
  3. You put the sweet potato halves cut side down, into a container of water.
  4. You leave them in a place that gets a decent amount of sun.
  5. That’s it! Well for the initial process that is!

My sweet potato halves in a container of water! Super simple!

I first put my container in our kitchen window. But that window barely receives any sun. So after a few days of feeling like nothing was happening, I decided to leave it out on our screened-in back patio.

I FAIL at gardening. Anything I have tried to grow in the past has NEVER worked. So when I saw that all this took (initially) was water and a food container (the soil thing is still a bit scary for me at this point), I had to give it a shot!

It has been 12 days since I initially put them in water. I don’t have to keep re-watering them. I just let them sit. On the back patio. That’s it.

And look at what has happened so far!!!


Sweet potato #1: There is actually a white root growing! I’m SO excited!


Sweet potato #2: It has a brown root growing! Pretty cool!

Both sweet potato halves each have a little root growing out of them! That is too exciting! I cannot wait to see the progress! I will keep you all posted!

And I challenge you to try growing your own! I heard it’s the perfect time of year to start, because the timing of it works out to where you can plant the sprouts in the spring. So go ahead and try! And let me know how it goes for you!