Valentine’s Candy Gift Ideas (and Scriptures)

Butterfinger Bites: We ALL slip up sometimes, but it’s okay!

Hello to all you crafty readers who are looking for last minute Valentine’s gift ideas! Here are some very inexpensive gifts you can give your other half, with the added warmth of your personal touch!

To make this gift series, I went to the Dollar Store and bought some of my hubby’s favorite candy. I tried choosing ones that I knew I’d be able to relate to a Bible verse or message that I wanted to share.

I used plain index cards, colorful markers, scissors (to trim if necessary), and tape! Simple enough!

butterfinger verse

My hubby LOVES peanut butter chocolate! So I made sure to include Reese’s Minis and Butterfinger Bites!


For some of the candies, I did a little message on the front, and a verse on the back. For others, I only left it at one.


I definitely wanted to include something that was re-affirming my commitment to him and our marriage. Thankfully, I was able to do that on the Big League Chew and the 100 Grand.


If you have your own ideas for what you would like to write, but aren’t exactly sure about it, do what I did. Google “quotes/scriptures about how God values us”. Or search “wedding vows” on Pinterest. There are so many different ways to find awesome ideas!

100 Grand quote: GOD IS LOVE. He doesn't need you, but HE WANTS YOU. And that is the most amazing thing! -Adapted from Rick Warren You are so valuable to Daddy and to me!

Of course, I did these kind of quickly. I was trying to get them done before my hubby comes home from work. There are SO MANY cute printable labels out there, that you could either print, or re-create yourself with markers (which I tend to do).

Here is a free generic candy wrapper you could add to any candy: Just Because Candy Wrapper

These are SO CUTE. It is 14 Days of Valentine’s Free Printables, and they’re NOT all candy. Of course you only need to use the ones you/your spouse would like.

Here is another set of 14 Days of Valentine’s Printables. Super awesome.

Sour Patch Kids scripture: Romans 7:18, 23, 24b-25a

I am going to give him one of these tomorrow (February 13th), and one every morning until they run out.

For Valentine’s Day, I am going to make him a custom glass with a Superman logo, using Sharpies and our oven. So I will give him the soda (shown below) along with the glass.

Here is the tutorial for the Superman Sharpie glass!


Maybe one day I will actually print someone’s nifty pre-made adorable labels. But for now, these will have to do! (We should probably invest in a printer). Plus, I know my hubby is more about the candy than the labels anyways!

Hope you got some ideas from this! Let me know if you end up using anything, or if you have any ideas to share!